Who we are

Aerostrip was formed in the mid 90’s by Tony McGuinness who owned and operated Goldsworthy Motors, an automotive spray painting business since 1975.

In the late 80’s the company, along with its auto paint work had also started painting equipment for a medical equipment exporter. This type of work required a high degree of skill so the team spent a lot of their time and effort developing the necessary techniques and skills to perform this work to the standard required.

Along with this success came more companies requiring this type of high level wet painting. These customers included manufacturers to the military requiring Mil. Spec. painting standards.

The mid 90’s saw the end of Goldsworthy Motors and automotive painting gave way to the birth of Aerostrip.

Aerostrip’s sole focus is to provide high quality service and precise paint work to meet the needs of the manufacturing and Defence Industries.

2012 Tony was ready to spend more time on his boat fishing so he offered Aerostrip to Kent Knight from Image Install. Kent could see an excellent paint service business with nearly 40 years history and the future potential with Aerostrip so the deal was done with a handshake and Aerostrip became part of the Image Group.

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Premises and Equipment

Our facility is located in an industrial area in the eastern suburbs of Adelaide and includes.

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